Fun with the boys

We took advantage of a few after-Christmas sales when we were in Colorado, and got a few fun bath toys at Pottery Barn Kids. Oliver loves them - he's really into all of his sea creature bath toys these days and has named them all. It's quite hilarious. We have "Gulp the Whale, Ollie the Octopus, Ty the Sea Turtle, Squirt the Crab, Daryl the Dolphin, and Quincy the Seahorse." Oliver named a few of them all on his own, and we helped with a few of them. But boy, once he got his mind set on a name, there was no changin' it! Believe me, I tried on a few of them :)

Here is is showing off Quincy the Seahorse!
Cute kid.
Baby angel Sullivan. I thought he was so cute all bundled up for his nap. He looks so cozy :)
Daddy helping Sullivan show off his muscles :) And yes, he does love his Mommy!
Loving all the smiles he gives us - such a happy boy! He looks like he might be doing his high-pitched squeal here, too.
Our garage door was broken this past week (we finally got someone out to fix it on Friday morning - not the cheapest fix in the world - gotta love home-ownership!), and Oliver enjoyed playing in the wide open space of the garage a few different times. I caught him mid-run, crashing his lawn mower into his bike. Crazy kid :)
Lovin' riding his bike around - he's really good at it these days! This boy just loves to be outside. And yes, the garage counted.
Sullivan giving Daddy some sweet smiles - love the connection.
Okay, we just had to include this picture. This was Sullivan's diaper after getting home from church today. I have to preface this with the fact that we LOVE the Early Childhood Staff and volunteers at our church - they do an absolutely amazing job of taking care of all the kiddos and keeping a clean and safe environment - we are blessed beyond measure to have all of these people pour out love on our kids. We love them. That said, maybe they should have a diaper-changing class :) At least he was "Changed with Care" :)
2 Responses
  1. Mandy Says:

    gotta love the "touchdown" sleep position! AF slept like that.

  2. M'laine Says:

    Aren't you glad they don't use great big diaper pins anymore?!!