Bikes, Pools, and Sleeping on the floor!

The other day, Dad and I were playing outside when Dad called Mommy to come out and "see this". I was riding my bike really good, pushing the pedals all by myself! It's time for the red back on my bike to come off so I can ride it around like a big boy! (A big toddler boy, that is.)
It's been very hot where I live... or as I like to say these days, "very-very-very-very-very-very-very-very-very...HOT." (I like to throw a bunch of "very's" in front of everything.) So Dad filled up my pool, and we had some fun swimmin' time. And golfin' time, and baseball time... I sure have a fun Dad.
This weekend my Papa and M'laine came up to visit! I was a good share-er and let them sleep in my big boy bed. Since Sullivan's room is in the middle of getting fixed up and there is stuff everywhere in there, Mommy and Daddy made me a bed-of-blankets on the floor at the foot of my bed for me to sleep in. It sure was fun and comfy! Mommy snuck in while I was sleeping (don't be deceived by the light picture... the room was black, but the camera flash makes it look light) and snapped a few pics of me. I got to use my Mommy's blankie from when she was a little girl. It sure was a cozy bed!

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