I'm a little fish!

We went swimming a few times at my cousins' house this weekend, and boy was it fun! Mommy and Daddy and I went last Tuesday evening for a swim, and I wasn't too excited about being out in the middle of the pool with them. But this time, M'laine took me out and I quickly adjusted and loved it! I kicked my legs and blew bubbles with my mouth. I decided that day that I love the pool!

Jumping in to Daddy!
I really like going up the stairs of the slide, but sometimes when I get to the top, I don't want to go down. Well, this time, I couldn't decide what I wanted to do - I kept changing my mind - and then finally I had eased myself far enough to the edge that I went down the slide to Mommy! It caught me by surprise a little at first, but it sure was fun!
Dad throwing me up HIGH in the air! I liked that a lot.
And here's some video of me and M'laine swimming.

2 Responses
  1. Quinn Says:

    Do they make those floaty one piece suits for adults? Because you know Derrick would totally wear one. Not that he needs help swimming, but just because he would think he was cool in it. Oliver, on the other hand, does look very cool in his suit along with his cool shades he's sport'n.

    BTW, sorry for posting that picture (I have no idea what you are talking about, you look beautiful). I just love those burp cloths and love seeing little Sullivan's name on them!