Random Fun

Fun with sunglasses, Thomas the Train boots, and Mommy's shoes...
Nuts....just nuts :)
Daddy enjoying some sweet snuggles from me - I've been spontaneously hugging and kissing him a lot lately. I really love my Dad.
Playing with my water at dinner - I actually balanced it on my head a few times!
I haven't shown much appreciation for cookies in the past, but the other day, I was really excited about my cookie! Here's my excited cookie face :)
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  1. Quinn Says:

    Are those really your shoes Joy? I mean, I heard that when you get pregnant your feet might grow, but holy cow! :) Maybe it's just because they are on Oliver's little hands. Those sunglasses still make me laugh! And oh, that picture of those sweet snuggles. It almost makes me want to wake Quinn up from her nap and get some snuggles from her.