My Dad the Handyman

What an eventful afternoon we had! The faucet in my bathtub has been slowly leaking for the past week or so, and we knew it was time to do something about it. My dad thought he'd take a look to see if it was something that could "easily" be fixed before we called a plumber. My dad's really good at music, so you might thing that he's really good at everything. At least I thought he was. Well, I think we'll be calling the plumber from now on.

Dad thought he got the water valve shut off, but he later learned that it was only the hot water that was turned off..the cold water was still going strong. As he pulled apart the faucet, cold water started shooting out of the faucet, and Dad couldn't get it to stop! It quickly started to fill up the tub...
Mommy quickly looked up the numbers to some local plumbers, and we finally got a hold of one who was just finishing a house call 20 minutes away. We said great, and Dad got to work filling a bucket with water, taking it out to the yard, and watering the grass.
After 30 minutes of Dad "watering the grass", our very nice plumber finally arrived. He quickly showed Dad where to shut off the water (to Dad's credit, it was not where everyone thought it should be). Then the nice plumber spent just a few minutes fixing the faucet and put everything back together again.

Hopefully Daddy won't quit his day job.
4 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    Hysterical. What did Oliver think of all the excitement? ~ ML

  2. Sherri Says:

    That is so funny! The same thing happened to Scott not too long ago, but it was a geyser coming out of the back of the toilet. He did eventually fix it himself, but we sure were wishing we had a plumber in the family....

  3. Zona Wilson Says:

    Hey, we all have our limitations - nobody's good at everything! It reminds me of Cliff Huxtable on the Bill Cosby show, and the different ways the doorbell sounded every time he "fixed" it. So glad there was a plumber close! I'm surprised you could see to take pictures - I might have been laughing too hard! Tell Seth thanks for letting you share the story.