A little Christmas spirit!

Upon returning from our wonderful Thanksgiving week in Colorado, Seth got the Christmas boxes down from the attic, and the boys and I began decorating! Oh how I love this time of year.

I thought Sullivan was going to be a mess with the tree, but so far so good!
Oliver took his stocking out of the box and immediately began finding toys from his bins to stuff it full with :) Seth's parents got Oliver this singing/dancing squirrel a few years ago, so I was excited to pull it out and see what Sullivan thought! Oliver wasn't too sure when he was Sullivans age....but Sully loved it! His face lights up with a big smile every time we turn it on, and after it's over, he whines sweetly to hear more. The boys listening to the nutty squirrel.This was hilarious -- I held the camera up to Sullivan and said "smile!"...and he actually did! This is immediately what he did :) Cracked me right up!Another funny.... Before we even had the tree decorated, Oliver had brought out several toys and lined them all up in a row under the tree. I love his meticulous little mind!Oliver was so excited to decorate his very own tree in his room! It was fun to use the little snowmen ornaments that he made with Grandma Lou over Thanksgiving holiday.Another of Oliver's favorites... we got this wonderful keepsake from Seth's parents a few years ago for Christmas. It plays music and a train rides around it's track. Oliver loves sitting and watching it.When I pulled the garland out of the bottom of one of our Christmas boxes and laid it all out to get ready to hang around the fireplace, Sullivan quickly climbed in and got settled right in the middle of it. Such a little dear. And here is the completed tree! I haven't done ribbon before, and Seth and I both are really happy with the addition. I think I will experiment even more with it in the future. I love all of our personal ornaments... several from my childhood, Seth and mine from before we had children, and now the boys' special ornaments... those personal touches are my very favorite part about a Christmas tree!And this little ham... what a joy he is to our family!
2 Responses
  1. Karyn Says:

    Oliver's addition to the big tree makes me laugh! I love how our guys add their "touches" to our decor. :-)

  2. Anonymous Says:

    sweet memories for you and the boys! xo,ML