Friends and Coloring

A few weeks ago, Oliver's best friend Parker came over to play. They've been in class together during the week at Fellowship since they were 3 months's so fun that they're growing up together! There's one other little boy, Ryan, who is in the same situation, and I think they're the Three Musketeers at school :)
I loved the way Bella's arm is propped up on Seth's leg. She's such a lover. Sweet girl.
We did some coloring recently, and I decided Sullivan needed to have a go at it. I hadn't done any coloring with him up to this point, so I didn't really know what to expect. He did great!
And was very proud of his handiwork :)
Oliver is getting to be quite the artist. I'm actually really impressed with him quite often! He doesn't prefer to color in the lines of coloring books, but he loves to draw. Reminds me of his Daddy and pictures I've seen of his when he was a little guy. Oliver is getting quite decent at writing his name. He can do the "O", "l", "i", and "v" very well. The "e" and "r" we're still working on, but he's getting there. He draws "O" shapes a lot and now loves drawing "legs" on them. It's fun to see the imagination and creativity in kids' drawings!
Seth did this with Oliver one time, so now Oliver repeats...not my idea of how to do things, but that's why Seth's good for me. He always helps me to think outside my box :) Thank goodness, cause he will add much creativity to our children's lives!
2 Responses
  1. Karyn Says:

    Way to go, Sully! Love how proud he is of his picture!

  2. Shannon Says:

    It is hard for me to imagine Seth "outside the box" in that way. My memories of his drawing days are filled with him sitting at the kitchen table drawing in a painfully meticulous way and he usually had his tongue sticking out when he was concentrating. It would be so neat to see Oliver's pictures along with some of Seth's old ones!