December Fun, Part 2

Oliver's room has been a mess, to say the least. And when things get disorganized, rather than have the motivation to get it organized, I freak out internally and want to avoid the disorganization at all cost. Not the greatest strategy in the world.

A few days ago I'd had it. Enough with the mess. So I went in and rearragned, finally added Oliver's big laminated World & US maps to the walls, and organized. It felt good. It feels good. And there has been a lot of playing going on in there since. And oh how I love keeping clean, organized rooms clean.
I mentioned in my last post how Oliver has been building a lot with his legos. He's getting more imaginative and just better and better. It's really fun :) This one he did all by himself in his room, came to me and showed me: it's Jonah on a boat, and the black lego sticking out is the plank that Jonah walks off (at least he does in the Veggie Tales Jonah movie :)) into the ocean. I was impressed!!

Sully loves getting the laptop and getting situated up at Oliver's table. He does this over and over. It's so cute :)
The boys' cousin Payton came over to play a few nights ago, and she's always a big hit with my boys :) These boys love their Payton!
And yesterday was finally the day to do our gingerbread house!! We've never done one before, so I thought I'd start with the kit from the store :) We had lots of fun putting it together and decorating!

With Seth and my perfectionist tendencies, it was an internal struggle doing this with a 3-year-old :) Next time I think I'll get one for the children and one for the adults :) This one is a combination of our doing and Oliver's doing.
Yesterday we ran a few errands and then decided to see if Santa was around. He was, and the line wasn't too long, and Oliver was excited to see him! Here we are waiting in line, which just happened to be right by some little rides, which was perfect for the boys to play on while we waited our turn!
And here's our Santa picture. Besides Santa creeping me out a little, I thought the boys turned out pretty cute :) I know I'm their mother and all, but these boys just bring so much joy to my heart.
And after their picture with Santa, Oliver earnestly told Santa what he would like for Christmas. He was so cute, and I love how "touchey" Oliver is. Sweet sweet spirit. Sullivan couldn't have cared less about Santa. I was worried he would cry or be scared, but he was so chill. Totally indifferent. Kinda cracked me up, actually :)
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  1. Sarah. Says:

    omg, Sully with his little laptop is about the cutest thing I've ever seen. And what great Santa pictures you got. I love that O was so excited to see him.

    Can't wait to see ya in Eldo. Have a great Christmas! Kisses!