December Fun, Part 1

This year will be our very first year to be home at our little house, with just our little family, on Christmas Eve & Christmas morning! We are excited and embracing the newness of this year with joy. With Seth being a Worship Pastor, you would think it would be common for him to be involved in our Christmas Eve services at Fellowship, but since there are 3 Worship Pastors, Seth's boss has been so kind as to encourage us to travel to spend Christmas with our extended families each year. After 5 years of this, Seth decided this year it was time for us to be involved here. Plus there was more of a need for it this year than in years past, and I think the Lord has really prepared our hearts for this new year.

Christmas has always been my very favorite time of year, and Christmas traditions and nostalgia are a big part of what I love. Up until this year, I have still thought of myself as "the kid" at Christmas. Remembering the magic of Christmas through the eyes of "Joy-as-a-child", which makes it hard as things change, traditions change, etc. In years past, the thought of spending Christmas here at our house without extended family has sounded so lonely to me! I was just not ready for it.

This year I have finally embraced being the "Mother" at Christmas. And it's been a really neat thing for me. I am embracing the fact that I now have my own family, and it is up to me and Seth to make Christmas what we want it to be for our children - to form our own traditions for them. I don't know why it's been such a long process for me to get here, but it's such a wonderful feeling to embrace this with intentionality! We have really really enjoyed our Christmas season here at our house, and I am so grateful for the Lord's gentle grace and love in helping me to embrace this new mindset and live intentionally.

One of the fun traditions of the Christmas Eve service at Fellowship (so we've heard...we've never actually been to one!) is that all the kiddos come in their Christmas jammies. So the boys and I loaded up and headed to Old Navy to see what we could find. We're really excited about the outcome! I sure am going to have some cute Christmas monkeys on Christmas Eve :)
Never fear; we will not go without spending special time with our precious family this year at Christmas! This year is our year to spend Christmas with Seth's family down at his parents' home, and we will head down there to join the rest of the family on Christmas afternoon. It's kind of like the best of both worlds this year; having our own family Christmas here, and then joining our other family for more togetherness and celebration. We couldn't be more excited.

(And I know I haven't blogged about it yet, but we spent a wonderful week in Colorado with my parents and sister! I took all the pics of that week with my parents' camera and forgot to get them off before I came home. There's a rumor going around that my sister is trying to get them to me asap, so you can expect a belated Thanksgiving post soon.)

Alrighty, in other news, Sullivan is climbing more and more. The other day I noticed Sullivan wandered around the corner of the kitchen, and after a minute I walked in to see what he was up to. Well, for the first time, he had climbed up onto Seth and my bed and was playing with Daddy's laptop.
He wasn't too happy when I got him down :)

Oliver-the-dog :)
Cheesin' it up for the camera again!
Oliver got this "blower" from "school" at Fellowship the other day, and he l-o-v-e-d it!

Oliver has been building a ton of things with his legos lately, and Sullivan has started to really enjoy them as well. He loves putting 2 of them together and pulling them apart, putting them back together, etc. Very intense :)
And Sully loves this, too! He whines for me to turn it on so the train will go round and round and the music will play. (Yes, we're trying to work on words instead of whining.)

Our mantel, stockings, and nativity. I love my nativity. Funny side story: Sullivan is getting really good at several animal sounds, but I had not taught him what a "sheep says" yet. I was holding him up to look at the nativity, and I held the sheep in my hand for him to look at, and he immediately said "baa". I was shocked! I guess they've been working on what a sheep says at school. Love them.
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