Sitting, Shaking, and more Sweet Potatoes

I'm getting so good at sitting! I can do it all the time now. Sometimes I still topple over if I'm reaching for a toy that's kinda to the side and behind me, but I've been balancing so well! I love sitting and playing with my toys and my Dad and Mommy. They think I sure am fun!And this is the face I give Mommy when she says "all done!" with my sweet potatoes. Even though at this point I've already eaten lots of rice cereal with bananas and a whole serving of sweet potatoes, I don't want the sweet potatoes to end! Yummy to my tummy. And this is me this morning in my cute "Baby's 1st Christmas" outfit! I also have a Christmas egg shaker with a handle that I got in my class yesterday, and I LOVE shaking it around! At first I just put it in my mouth, but Mommy showed me that it makes a fun noise when you shake it, and now I shake, shake, shake and have so much fun.
3 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    Oh, Oliver! Oh my gosh. This is one of the weirdest things I've said lately, but he's so cute I think I could eat him! That kid's got style...

  2. Emily Shoup (Earll) Says:

    He's so cute, and growing up SO fast!!!

  3. Anonymous Says:


    Please remember to bring our matching sleepers to Colorado. That way we can be twins some of the time. And my Mommy wants to know if we have any other matchings? She doesn't think we do, but we thought we'd better check.

    Love, Jamey