Crawling and Branson

I'm working so hard on my crawling! Last week I finally got up on my hands and knees....and then wasn't sure what to do from there. Since then I have taken a tiny little stride forward here an there with my knee, but Mommy and Dad don't think it's quite enough to constitute true crawling yet. I sure am doing great, though! Soon I'll be crawling all over the place! One thing I know is that I love all the cheering that happens from my parents when I get up on my hands and knees :) They're so easy to please!

This past weekend we took a trip to Big Cedar and Branson with our friends Jeff, Kara, and Hudson. It was super fun! We did lots of shopping, and this picture is of me in my big-boy stroller. I loved looking out and seeing all the people, lights, fountains, and decorations. It's a whole new world facing forward and getting to look out at everything! "Hudson, I want your blanket!"
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