Pre-Birthday Events

Yesterday evening we had some preparing to do. Preparing for Oliver's big day, that is! We had some fun birthday festivities happen today, so yesterday was gettin' ready time. Oliver helped me make his birthday cupcakes - he even cracked an egg by himself (and did a great job with no shells in the batter, I might add!)
Sullivan munched on a new snack while we baked...
Oliver got to lick the spatula after we were done - I'm not sure he's done that before, and he was a fan!
Yesterday around noon a big package arrived for Oliver - his present from Grandma Lou and Grandpa Jere! He had to wait until today to open it, so sitting on it had to suffice for yesterday...
And after the cupcakes were done baking, Oliver needed a taste-test. They got a thumbs up!
Sullivan didn't get to taste-test anything, but he was a trooper about it :)
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