Lawn Mowers, Hydrangeas, and Daddy's socks

Here's my bubble lawn mower that Mommy and Daddy got me for my birthday, and I LOVE it! I ask to play with it all the time, and like making and chasing the bubbles and pusing my mower all across the yard. Another of my favorites is to watch Dad mow our lawn with his big mower.

And here are a few pictures of Mommy's pretty hydrangeas. We planted them about 3 or 4 years ago, and they had lots and lots of beautiful blue blooms on them. Well, the next 2 years they did not bloom at all. Then this year, they are getting some pretty and big pink blooms on them! Hydrangeas are one of Mommy's favorites, so she's really enjoying them.

I think I mentioned it a few weeks ago, but I really like trying on Mommy and Daddy's clothes these days. Shirts, jackets, socks - you name it. Here I am in Dad's socks, havin' fun!
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  1. Love the hydrangeas...they are my absolute favorite flower too! I bet they look so beautiful outside your house.