Okay, well, we have to start with a disclaimer. Some of these pictures aren't in the order we wanted them to be in, but blogger was giving us fits. And once you upload the pictures, if you move them around in the order you want, it won't let you blow them up big to see them when looking at the blog. We're guessing you'd rather blow the pictures up than to see them in order, so we're going with that. Okay, here we go.

I've been very into basketball lately. I love watching it on tv, and when a commercial comes, I say "more, more, more!" Mom and Dad got me my very own basketball hoop that I can play with at home! It's actually not the one they thought they were getting, and it's a little too tall for me. So we're taking it back to get the other one that's just right for me now and will grow with me over the years. Boy do I LOVE shooting hoops.
Grandma Lou went on a trip to Arizona and sent me a postcard! It had a bunch of cactus all over it, and I loved having Mommy read it to me. Thank you Grandma!
Dad and I made my superfort into a cool round shape! I've been having lots of fun with it...

In my valentine package from Papa and M'laine, there was a lollipop in there! The other day, Mom put me in my highchair and gave me the "pop" (as I called it). I was trying to bite it at first, but then I kinda got the hang of licking it. It sure was tasty!
More basketball (see caption above)

Boy, oh boy, do I LOVE bubble baths! Anytime Mom or Dad asks me if I want to take a bath, I say "bubbles!"
The other night we went out to dinner with some of my aunts and uncles and cousins, and my cousin Payton gave me a leap frog! Mommy showed me how it works when we got home. It made me laugh so hard!
Trying to get him to "jump" on my own...
Then Mommy did it for me....SO fun!!
And here's my baby brother or sister - we're not sure which one yet. Mommy has a friend in the ultrasound business who needed some practice, so Daddy, Mommy and I got to go in for a free ultrasound! It was too early to tell if our baby is a boy or a girl, but it was still fun to see the baby nontheless. The heartrate was great, and the size of the body and head were measuring right on! The baby even looked like it was sucking it's thumb a few times, and it liked to roll around a lot! In April we will have our "for real" ultrasound and hopefully find out if my baby is a brother or a sister!

3 Responses
  1. Sarah Says:

    EEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! There really is a baby in there! Not that I didn't believe you. It's just cool to see him/her.

    O, that's a really cool basketball hoop! A is a little young for one, but I'm thinking about getting one for myself and he can just grow into it. Then you can bring your hoop to our house and we can play two on two on a full court!

    p.s. you look cute with your rosy red cheeks!

  2. new baby primm!

    so cute!!

    ollie looks so grown up in these pics:)

    aunt jenna

  3. Quinn Says:

    Sarah...you took the words right out of my mouth. The whole first line of yours is exactly what was going through my head when I saw the ultrasound pic.

    Wow, Joy.....it is one thing to tell us your pregnant, it's another thing to see your little baby bump, but to actually see him or her via an ultrasound is truly amazing. Gives me goose bumps!!