Girls' Shower

We had another FUN shower last weekend! My sweet community group girls threw a great party...yummy food, beautiful decorations, fun games...they made it so special! The above picture is of the 4 hostesses and myself: Kara, Shara, me, Sarah, and Robin. (Kara is pregnant too...due 3 months after me, and also with a boy!!)
This picture is of me smelling the baby food trying to figure out which one it of the fun games we played. By the look of my face, I'm guessing it was a bad one...the chicken noodle soup was one of the worst smelling ones. I think Oliver told me he doesn't like chicken noodle soup baby food :)
Here are our cute husbands who went to play golf during the shower. They got rained out on the 13th hole and had to come home early (no worries, the shower was already over). These are the husbands of the hostesses (except for Chad, husband of Shara, who couldn't be there). L to R: Seth, Tim, Bryan, and Jeff. What a good looking group of guys!
And this is one of the neat gifts I got. There are six of them altogether, and they are burp cloths, made out of cloth diapers, and they are all monogramed with Oliver's name and initials on them. They are so cute! Most of them are his initials, and then there is one that says "Oliver" with feet below his name, but this one is my favorite...I love seeing his name "Oliver Primm" written out. What a great name! I think it flows nicely :)

Thanks to all my sweet friends for such a wonderful time!!
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