23 Weeks (almost)

Here I am at 23 weeks (I'll actually be 23 weeks on Sunday, and this picture was taken on Saturday...close enough.) My belly is growing, and my face is chubby....I look "maternal"....not sure if that's a good thing or not. People tell me all the time that I'm glowing....I chalk that up to a rounder face :) Anywho, we went to the Dr. yesterday for our check-up. Oliver's heartbeat was 148 (getting lower each time), I measured the right size for how far along I am, and after assessing the results from the ultrasound, my due date is still May 21. Things seem to be progressing normally. He is moving a ton and kicking and punching all around in there...sometimes not the most comfortable feelings in the world, but it is really neat to feel him moving around inside me. Kind of a wild phenomenon, and such a miracle to experience! This is all such a new experience for me, and some of it is just kind of weird....and this morning Seth said "you're such a beautiful pregnant woman...it's really a dream come true for you, you know...being pregnant." And that really made me stop and think and realize that it is a dream come true. I've wanted this my whole life and waited and waited for it. It just feels so surreal that it's actually happening.

We registered today at Babies 'R Us in Tulsa (you can view it online), and that was a lot of fun! That is an absolutely awesome store....we need to get one here in NWA. It was neat picking stuff out for our little guy, and I feel much better now (less overwhelmed) about being somewhat organized. Still planning on registering at Target as well...

This Colorado outfit was given to us by our college friends (who now live in Denver), Brad and Jen Edwards. It was so sweet of them to send us a gift! As you can tell by the picture, this is one of the cutest and coolest outfits I've ever seen! They even got it in 6-9 months, which should be the perfect size for Oliver next fall during football season. He'll have so much fun wearing this cool outfit! The pants are fleece and will be so comfy....if only I still had my CU cheerleading gear, we could take some really cute pictures!

4 Responses
  1. Julia Says:

    you are seriously glowing! and that is huge for me to see, cause i always hear people talking about people glowing, but i never see it...and i see it in you! you are so so beautiful!

  2. you ARE a beautiful pregnant woman! And this IS the dream of your life! I am excited for you and yeah, you look hot.

  3. Aunt Joy,

    Could you tell Oliver to come out soon so we can play?

    Love, Jamey

  4. Delpino Says:


    "Shoulder to Shoulder we will Fight! Fight! Fight (x3)!"

    I love it that your baby boy will be a Buffalo right from the start:)

    Congrats to you and Seth again. I love how amazing your smile looks in all these pictures. It's so awesome to see such joy as you go through this process. Best wishes.