Okay, not really doin' it for me....

Well, I'm sad to say it, but I have to admit that I don't love my bedroom color. I'm already trying to figure out what color we can change it to. Such a bummer that this one didn't work out. It truly is rather orangey...much more so than I would like. I'm okay with a hint of orange, but it is the main tone of this color. I have the red beech sheets, which I think Jenna has the same ones, and I really like that color a lot. When you put them up to red, they look kinda orangey red, but when they are up next to my wall color, they look red. I just want more of a red tone, rather than an orange tone...just not bright red. Actually, I've never really known what I want, and I thought we'd try this one since Seth really liked it, but we just don't love it. I'm really happy with the way that the bathroom turned out, with the Faint Maple on the ceiling and walls, and the toilet nook and bathtub/shower nook Rum Raisin. It looks really nice. I got a new shower curtain today that is sheer (with a white liner, so it looks more white, which will match the curtains) with a pretty leaf pattern stitched into it in a creamy tan thread. I think it will go great with the curtains. I put it up, and I really like the look of it. We also got a new light fixture and new towel/t.p. bars, all in brushed nickel. It just adds a nice updated look. I'm excited for Mom and Ju to get out here to HELP ME!!!! I need some emotional support and encouragement with this whole room color thing....and some serious guidance :) Anywho, I'll post some pictures here in the next week or so and get some opinions.

What a busy and tiring week it has been! We have slept in, which has been nice, but I still don't feel super rested. I feel like we have been go, go, go nonstop. We have a BBQ here tomorrow evening with some old college friends, so that hopefully should be fun. I'm just ready to crash for a few days. Hopefully Monday afternoon will be restful before I start my new job on Tuesday!

We have Norah here with us for the next 10 days. Bella was very excited when she came over, and they've been having a ball. This will be nice, because hopefully they will tire each other out and sleep really well! They just play, play, play...then drink some water and lay down for a few minutes...until one of them decides it's time to play some more. Then every once in awhile, they do this cat-like thing where they stalk each other and then pounce. It's really hilarious and cute :)

Welp, I'll sign off for now. Love to you all.
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  1. Julia Says:

    joy! that sucks..makes me sad that you don't like it...maybe trading spaces would have been the better route...:D