So, I'm finally getting my hair cut today. I knew it had been awhile, so I looked back in my datebook to see just how long it had been. Over 3 months. I know, isn't that insane? I knew my hair was getting unruly for some reason :) I'm looking forward to having it shorter again. I'm not sure how short it will be, but I guess it couldn't be any worse than last time, and I'm beginning to think that wasn't so bad. Anyways, we'll see.

I heard from Julia last night; she was in Branson with a group of other counselors who all took their 2-4 together. She sounded GREAT. So funny the difference between her and me--she's miss social extrovert, going out on the town with people she's just met; I on the other hand spent every single 2-4 in 2 months going somewhere by myself except for once when I came to Siloam to see James and Karyn. Anyways, at first she said "it is so hard"--but in a good way. She is a mom to ten 9-year-olds. She loves her co-counselor and has been on a canoeing trip and a skiing trip. She said she is having a great time. I'M SO GLAD. A small part of me worried that Jenna and I had talked it up so much, and that she wouldn't have as good of a time as we had; but from what I heard from her, she IS having a good time--learning so much. I don't know how anyone could go there and NOT have an amazing time and learn so much. Kanakuk is a wonderful place. I'm so thankful for the memories I have there. I would do it again in a heartbeat. Can't wait to see you, Ju-bug!!
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