The Wiebe Family

This is the Wiebe family. From left to right we have Philip, Vanessa, Jacob, Linda, and Kara. Jacob was the camp speaker, and we really enjoyed him. He has a pretty amazing story; his family is German, and I guess there is an area in Mexico that many Germans migrated to years ago. He grew up on a farm with his Grandmother and two Uncles; he didn't attent school except for 2 years when he was 8 years old. They spoke german in his home growing up, and he learned spanish when he went to those 2 years of school. He started learning english when he was about 20 years old, and that is also around the age when he accepted Christ. He went to Canada to work for a few years and ended up back down in Mexico. His wife, Linda, is from Ohio, and he met her when her family came down to Texas to work (I forget the rest of that part:) ) Anyways, they got married and lived in Canada for a number of years, and their two older children, Kara and Jacob, were born there. (Jacob, the son, is currently in college in the states and was not at camp; Kara is now 25 years old.) When Kara was 6, they moved back down to Mexico, and she and her brother, Jacob, had to learn spanish. Vanessa, 16, and Philip, 12, were both born in Mexico and only learned spanish. The family traveled to the States for different reasons, plus Linda's family lived in the US, so Vanessa and Philip began to learn english in their early childhood years. Jacob said Philip was very stubborn and did not want to learn english. He was fine with coming to the States and being clueless as to what was being said :) I had a major crush on Philip this week...I don't know if you can tell in the picture, but he is awfully cute :) He has blue glassy eyes and a sweet, sweet heart. We were pals, and he enjoyed playing with Bella. The teens do this (stupid) thing at lunch where they sing a song that goes "around the room you must go, you must go, you must go, around the room you must go, Joy Primm. help her out, Philip Wiebe, help her out" (it's to the tune of london bridges falling down) Then those two people have to meet at one side of the room, and the girl loops her arm through the boy's and they have to walk all the way around the dining hall. Really goofy teenage thing; I know we all remember those days. Anyways, they did it to Philip and I yesterday, and Seth played like he was jealous to Philip, and he thought he was so cool! It was really cute. Plus, Vanessa and Philip had major spanish accents which was music to the ears.

So, that's the Wiebe family. I really enjoyed talking with Linda and Kara, and one night Kara played the classical guitar for everyone. It was really beautiful! Jacaob has such a humble heart, just striving after the Lord. He had a lot of really neat things to say. He talked about the story of Jonah all week long, and had many amazing illustrations and stories. I may talk on those further at a later date...... Posted by Hello
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