A Weekend in Branson

Here I am last Thursday in my cute overalls playing with my crinkly book. I sure like my crinkly books - I have 4 of them! They are my favorite. I can crinkle them with my fingers and chew on them. What a great toy!

And here I am later that afternoon with my sweater on. Mommy says she can't wait until I stop spitting up because then we won't have to have a big bib on over my cute outfits. This outfit was a hit! This was me getting ready to drive up to Branson to visit Papa and M'laine. They were vacationing in Branson, so we decided to vacation with them for a few days. We had such a great time!

I was so happy to see my Papa and M'laine, and I think they were pretty happy to see me, too :) We had a lot of fun playing and napping together. I gave them lots of sweet smiles.

On Friday night, Mommy and Dad went to see the Andy Williams show, so Papa and M'laine watched me back at the hotel. M'laine got me a zebra halloween costume that is very cool, and I got to try it on while Mommy and Dad were away - Papa got a few pictures on his camera, so we might post some when we get them from him. This is me after M'laine fed me - I was so sleepy that I didn't want to burp, so M'laine thought that if she layed me on her lap like this I might give her a burp. I decided just to sleep instead.

And this is my best friend, Hudson! When we got back from Branson on Saturday, I got to hang out with a few of my friends. Caroline is one of my new friends, too, but she was eating while Mommy had her camera out, so we didn't get a picture of her this time. She's an awfully cute and sweet little girl. Anyways, this is Hudson, and he is a little over 2 months old. We had fun laying next to each other on the floor and kicking our legs.

Well, I turned 5 months old yesterday. Can you believe it?? Mommy thinks time is flying and can't believe that she and Daddy have a 5 month old. Well, I'm getting hungry, so I think I'll go have a snack!
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